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The Process

Wellness is a journey! Let’s take yours together.


My process and perspective are unique. I use both my personal experience and professional background in clinical medicine to create a personalized, realistic, and achievable wellness plan for each client. I believe in persistence rather than perfection. I empower and educate women about lifestyle and nutrition so you have the tools to feel great, have the energy you crave, and live the life of wellness you deserve. 

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Here are just some of the methods, goals, and lifestyle changes we will evaluate and incorporate into your health and wellness journey:


  • Determine any micronutrient deficiencies or hormonal imbalances that could be contributing to the root cause of your health issues or food cravings.

  • Uncover any food sensitivities or infections that could be causing gastrointestinal inflammation, imbalance, or discomfort.

  • Help you discover the right food combinations that will allow you to have the energy you crave and the wellness you deserve.

  • Discuss nutrient timing and how methods like intermittent fasting can be beneficial for weight loss and longevity.


  • Help identify, manage, and understand the impact stress has on your hormones and immune system.

  • Instill the importance of good sleep habits and methods to achieving a good night’s sleep as key players in your overall health and hormone balance.

  • Teach self-care and achievable ways to detoxify your body to enable you to feel your best.

  • Discuss the right movement routine based on your schedule and your personal wellness goals.

  • Identify issues or beliefs that prevent you from achieving your wellness goals.


Personalized Plan: 3-Month Package is $2,500, and includes: 


  • One 60-minute initial consultation to review your symptoms, diet, lifestyle habits, and goals.


  • One 60-minute session to review your labs and discuss recommendations.


  • A customized protocol with clearly outlined, realistic, and achievable nutrition and lifestyle goals.


  • Four 60-minute coaching sessions to review your progress and adjust goals as needed.


  • Discounted health supplements from Thorne or Pure Encapsulations.


  • Food shopping lists and pantry overhaul as needed. 


(*NOTE: Additional testing may be recommended; not included in Personalized Plan price)


Discovery Phone Consultation: 

Free 30-minute phone consult to discuss your wellness needs and to access working together to achieve your goals.



"I highly recommend Meghan as a health and wellness coach. In the years that I’ve known her, I have consulted with her on best nutrition practices and how supplements work & which would be best suited for me. Even with as much professional experience as Meghan has, she offers honest, realistic advice."

Jennifer O.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

— Hippocrates

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