Adaptogens: My Go-To When I Need a Little Help!

With two teenagers who are up late and a dog who’s up early, virtual learning, a busy workday, and oh yeah, a global pandemic, I often find myself recalling the lyrics to the famous Rolling Stones song, “Mother’s Little Helper,” and reaching for my adaptogens when I need a little help! My rock ‘n roll escapes aside, I want to share the benefits of the centuries-old healing powers of adaptogens. Used in ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, adaptogens have made their way in mainstream media and wellness medicine.

Adaptogens are a unique class of healing plants. As their name implies, they help your body “adapt” to both mental and physical stress. They bring balance to your body the way a thermostat controls the temperature. Adaptogens work to increase your energy when you’re feeling fatigued and calm you down when you’re feeling restless. As stress can affect us in many ways and lead to physical changes throughout our body, I work with clients to combat may indicators and levels of stress. And adaptogens are often something I suggest when someone needs a little extra help.

Some of the benefits of adaptogens include:

· Improving endurance

· Increasing attention span

· Decreasing stress

· Balancing hormones

· Stimulating mental performance

· Boosting our immune system

· Aiding in digestion