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My Story

Over the past 20 years I have worked as a nurse practitioner in clinical medicine. During this time, I worked in both primary care and oncology where I witnessed firsthand the wonders of traditional medicine and its ability to treat acute illnesses. During my time in private practice I gained incredible experience and met some very special people. 


Ironically as I poured my heart into treating my patients, I was developing health issues of my own, primarily an autoimmune disorder and gastrointestinal issues. As a 30-year-old woman, I was eventually diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, a condition in which the body attacks itself, in my case my joints. 


While the traditional approach to medicine worked well for many of the patients I saw, this approach wasn’t working for me. Rather than pursue a course of ongoing medication that could come with potentially harsh side effects, I wanted to understand the root cause of my symptoms and how I could heal my body from the inside out. After tireless research and education, I learned that the key to reversing my symptoms was focusing on my nutrition. Within months of choosing more effective foods, eliminating foods that didn’t serve my body well, and healing my gut, my joint pain resolved and I began to see results. My path to wellness was a direct result of lifestyle changes and modifying my diet to include specific foods and supplements that worked best for my body. This is the foundation of functional nutrition. 


Nourished + Well was born out of my personal discovery of the power of nutrition to heal and restore balance to the body and my desire to share with others the effectiveness of functional nutrition. I believe in bio-individuality and the idea that one specific diet is not right for all due to personal preference, beliefs, and genetic makeup.  As a functional nutritionist with functional nutrition, I am able to create a customized wellness plan to conquer such health issues as hormonal imbalance, digestive issues and food sensitivities, to name a few. With my integrative approach that focuses on both nutrition and lifestyle, I’m able to maximize what is needed to help restore your health, so you too can live your life Nourished + Well.

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing | Villa Julie College | 1996 

Master of Science in Nursing | University of Maryland | 2001

Certified Adult Nurse Practitioner | ANP-BC

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach | Institute for Integrative Nutrition | 2019

Certified in Applied Functional Medicine for Coaching | School of Applied Functional Medicine | AFMC | 2020

Midlife Hormone Mastery Class | 2020

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